Monday, November 14, 2011

genting with hips & taiwan trip!

its time to updatee!
during deepavali holiday, friday to sunday im with my super gang-hips!
we went to genting and stayed one night there :)
taking taxi at late 12pm,we all were so worried but phew,our taxi driver is a nice one :)
at kl sentral eating kenny rogers
woohoo, reached dy!
photo moments I love these two the most :)
XD imitating the pose
starbuck time!
that was the best moment i had with my hips.we chit chat,shared lots,alot of story frm yunqi is great with those jimuis beside me :D
Next day,had some breakfast.then tyan & nny went casino while yunqi accompanied me haha.( i cnt enter) we kept taking photos until sien and so we had coffee + chit chat again!
the sing k session is spontaneous.fgt who suggested it and we just go straightaway XD

then its time to say goodbye :(
im thinking as what nny thinking..hope that our next trip will be like a real trip,real vacation.
maybe we shall go PULAU for the next trip! :)

As for taiwan trip with my mum & jiejie+her bf,
i have the least photos :((( only 3 of photos i had when i uploaded them during the time in taiwan via wifi.
the other 80++ photos all in my phone
my phone spoilt as screen cnt i gv phone to mum and its sent to repair.
the bad thing is, when i got bk my phone last few days,it wasnt recovered at all, and my things all gone!!!!!!! all the photos,the applications! i wonder how they repair it,stupid :(
so other photos except the 3 were taken by sis's bf camera.

let me share the 3 photos i took.they're nice arent they? :)
we woke up 5.30am to have a view of the beautiful scene,日夜谭

other places i went are 九族文化街(whr i got bitten by ‘omg mosquitto’ they are sort of寄生虫), 台中,淡水,渔人码头(its reali nice and romantic!must go during sunset/nite),九份(nice toooo!) alot of destinations we went,which made our legs super 酸痛。 *me and my mum coz we wore the wrong shoes lol. 我脚跟超痛
and shoes are the MUST BUY things in taiwan!
their 娃娃鞋 are all 190-200台币,its around rm20, quality is good!
i bought 4 pairs of shoes!
about shirts, as its autumn season, the clothes are mostly秋装。but i think i still bought 4 XD
i almost got insane when i saw those puppies!
they're walking around and this attracted lots of ppl esp girls :)
managed to take some photos with them,hehe im so super happy!

that's all for my deepavali trips! :D


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