Thursday, November 3, 2011


daaah, my october deepavali one week holiday is fully packed with trips with HIPS members & taiwan trip with mummy & jiejie :)
might update more details later on..
removed the chatbox, those spams are too annoying, covered up comments left by my dears..
next week will turn to my birthday already,omggggg..
mum asked me whether i wanna have a cater at house & invite my friends for my birthday celebration.
but sadly, i had least friends, only mix up with close friends,
and their locations are soo far away frm me,
Melbourne,Penang, KL, Melaka, Singapore...
so me & mum will just celebrate together with our relatives-er jiu & san jiu & grandma :)
that day i suppose i will be able to taste all my favourite food cooked by mummy hehe :D
21st, its been few years i celebrated at kl, this special 21st i must celebrate together with my mum!
okie bye!


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