Monday, May 21, 2012


Since im sooo free right now, im gonna update bout my 2nd anniversary with kwl :)
btw the new blogger setting is so cool now, last time always have to upload pic one by one, now the function is like fb,cn upload many pic at once, so convenient :D
i rmb i was back to jb during april end..wanted to stay till 1 may only go bk to kl.
but this boyyyyy, was angry & sad coz he hoped i could bk on 29 apr..
im the typical 'stick home girl' so it actually took me some time to think about it 
of cozzzzzzz, i decided to just bk on 29 apr for my boyyy :)
after all we din get to celebrate together last year.
we were deciding which movie to watch, 
first-avengers but the tickets were fully-booked~
that didnt disappoint me at all bcs deep inside my heart i wanted to watch Titanic.
i thought watching this movie on our memorable day brings sweet memory :)
Indeed, it did.
i watched Titanic quite alot of times, this time was at the cinema,
the feeling is still the same, every scene touched my heart. i still cried and totally immersed into the movie.
after movie, back to home...
before entering the room, we were discussing about 'jack asked rose to close her eyes and then "you jump i jump" scene..
thennnn, he asked me to close my eyes and not to peek.
i did wat he asked to and when he said: "you can open liao"

heart totally melted, how cn my boy be so romantic :')
his art is soooo much better than mine! 
surprise din end like this..
he then on his computer and asked me to seeeeeeee 
its our website (.com one) he created.
when i saw this i already had teary eyes.. 
till now i also havent updated this blog bcs i want to see his anniversary post on top. 
thanks babe for this website, im gonna just write really memorable thing on this blog,like our traveling trips :)
cant wait for our trip on this july ^^

andddddddd, the surprise still din end yet!!
before that, i wanna share the new love of us

kon saw this musical instrument through website which was quite a trend in taiwan..
after many youtubes he watched, he was very tempted to buy one ukulele!
i encouraged him coz I myself love musical instruments too (one of my dreams is to have all kinds of musical instruments!)
so we went shop to buy this Angry Bird ukulele.
we were both very mad into playing it.
the first song i learnt was price tag, it was so fun to sambil play and sing the song!
it was abit hard to share one ukulele, eventhough its owned by him, i often snatched it from him to play XD
Lengzai playing ukulele

Therefore, here my surprise was.
when i saw this, i already knew it was ukulele
he was at uni that time and sms-ed me to open it to check the condition..
though i already knew what it was, im still very surprised&super happy&warm when i saw this pink ukulele.
pink ukulele is soooooooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, such a sweet color!
now i dont have to snatch his ukulele, we can play together ^_^

Happy 2nd anniversary :D


Meylian said...

awwww you two looks shooo cute together! <3 stay sweet k!!! ;)

Li Ping =) said...

so sweet ler u two...wat website oh?

llx said...

hehee thanks yaa :))))

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