Sunday, May 27, 2012


day with momo

met up momo on 22.5.2012 which was last wednesday~
nowadays we really seldom meet and therefore its a must to date her out before i go bk to jb..
we been sing k for 2 or 3 times,
its always fun to sing k with her bcs she's a mad lady XD
i dont need to worry for being走音破音blablabla
loudspeaker was my choice coz its really cheaper as compared to redbox/neway.
11am will be the best time, its rm9.90 for 3 hours+one drink+food per person.
but i gotta say food @loudspeaker@subang tastes awful :(
order宫保鸡丁饭and it tasted super salty and weird and yucks.
it was very different from loudspeaker@sutera,jb!sutera one tasted so nice lor.
k la anyway i still enjoyed that day :)
after that we just talked when taking bus back to taylors lakeside campus..
i feel that momo is not that kisiao, duno issit too long din meet or she changed..or maybe she only kisiao at home..last time she only showed her true self while we're at hostel.haha
but i dont feel any awkwardness chatting with her, thats what bff means i think :)
we chat about viola,kp,kon,her friends
she told me that kp intends to stay Adelaide quite a time even after it might be really hard for the three of us to gather, so kp if you're reading this, momo want you to bk asap.she wants to meet face-to-face instead of skype. 
about viola, hehee happy for her ^^ i cnt describe the feeling i had but its kinda touching,warm,happy,excited-all positive.
haha back to momo,
just wanna wish that everything is good for her, jiayou momo.
you know u always have me, support you always k.
if you feel unhappy/happy/anything you cn just share with me, i'll be your listener.
hope to meet you soon..

i also told her to have positive thinking,
bought a book-Secret using the free rm200 voucher and its really worth coz I do read, lol.
when i read the 1st page, it attracted me and i keep continuing until pg 65!
from what i understand, its about law of attraction where your positive thinking leads to positive outcome.
its like, the life you're having now is the result of your thinking-the friends you have,your job,everything that happens...
i agree with the friend part, 物以类聚,人以群分。什么样的人就吸引跟他一样的人。
feel that most of my friends belong to the type I am as we share some mutual personalities.
also, try not to think: "i dont want to be late" "i dont want to argue"
bcs it will normally end up:you will be late, you will argue.
like last time, my mind was all about: i dont wanna argue anymore, gosh im so tired,pls,dont argue anymore.
but truthfully, the argument just wont stop at all!
after then, i stopped having this negative thinking, things went well! :)
having negative thinking will just leave you in worse situation, try to avoid.
try listening song you like, try recalling the happy memories you had,
to bring you into good mood.
Good mood = good thinking.
positive thinking never happens if you're having a bad mood!
thats all i want to share and byeee :)


Yong Xing said...

Date me when u are back in JB alright? I am quite free lately!

llx said...

sureeeeeee :D

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