Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Soooooo, I just went genting last saturday with the love.
Went in casino for the third time..and i felt == coz the guard din believe im over 21 even he checked my genting card, he asked for my ic...okay probably bcs i wore too cute that day, wore a shirt with ribbon XD
 I hate my round fat faceeee...

Was about to say i m going to sign offer letter from a company  tomorrow. (Co B)
While im writing, my phone rang and i gt offer frm a company which i applied last last week.lets call it Co A
Its the one i prefer last time bcs the company has given full details on employee benefits, it offers attractive allowance,mayb bcs you need to do shift. I also had to do math test after the interview.
Then i gt a call from Co B to attend the interview. I attended the 2nd round of interview the next day.
Straightaway the next day they offer me the job and i accepted it.
okay actually i prefer co A last time in terms of transport and the benefits. But they only respond until today. Why laaaa why now only call..haha.
This is lifeeee. When you want it, it doesnt come. When you already dont want, it comes. lol.
Luckily i dont get two job offers at once, or else its really a big headache.
Co B is very good in terms of my future development.
Im loyal and i wont disappoint them since i accepted this offer.
Looking forward to work in this company next week.

For the past few months I have been continuously feeling lost and upset in searching job.
I had around 5 interviews, gotta say I learnt alot through all these, I got the feeling of giving up, thinking did i perform that bad during the interview..
Especially with Co B, i did a mistake by asking employee benefits straightaway where i got lectured by the manager and i really thank her to point it out.
If you wanna get hired, try to impress the interviewer by explaining how you can contribute to the company, express how you're interested, you need to show that you're willing to learn.
Also, you need to be prepared for any question.
The most common questions:
Introduce yourself, Strength and weakness, Any challenges that you faced and how you overcome it, Biggest lesson of your working experience. Sometimes you're given a scenario and you need to answer it.
Do not to be toooo honest in expressing your weakness. haha..
Appreciate those interview bcs i think i have improved my interview skills by speaking more fluently.
And thanks alot for those who have encouraged me along the way.
Family,bf and friends. Thanks alot!
Dad is the one who gave alot of concerns and keep updated about my job hunting. Ah jie too.
Mum is extremely happy, she told me she's praying everyday for me to get a good job, thanks mum!
Kon fetches me to every interview and he's the one by my side when i feel sad, thank youuu for always accompanying me.
Im the happiest for being able to work soon, its time to be financially independent.

Anyway, wish me all the best for this job, hope i can learn alot and be tough and strong all the time.


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