Sunday, November 11, 2012

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L.i.f.e - Convo,Work,HOLIDAY

Sooooo I just officially graduated on 3rd of November!!!!
My loved ones who attended my convocation, much appreciated!!!!! :D
 my family:jiejie,mummy,papa
with my lovely and gorgeous jiejie
and her bf, the great camera man  
 my lovely boyfriend, another great camera man XD
My lovely coursemates+best friends of my degree life~
And thanksssssss all the ones who have blessed me :)
Thank you thank youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my self-portrait drawn by Floflo, it was such a sweet surprise from her! X)

Have my working life for around one month already.
Everything going good, kinda clumsy during the last week which is the peak period of my job.
Even continued my work at home till the very midnight (like 4am) because i was too afraid that I cnt complete it on time. Spent alot of time to understand the workings.
But I'm glad that after all this hard work I get to learn and know more about the things I do :)
First time is never easy but the next time you sure will be getting more familiar with it..
For now I could say that I kinda like my job which I do not get bored
Other than a certain level of pressure given by my superior, overall shes still treating me good haha.
And I hope I could perform better and be efficient in doing the reports over time!
Most importantly I do not feel alone, got alot of nice colleagues :D

For now the best best thing is the H-O-L-I-D-A-Y.
One good thing of working in Malaysia is that there are many public holidays! ^_^
Applied leave on next monday and going back to jb tomorrow!!!


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