Sunday, October 14, 2012


Okayyyy..feeling nervous,uneasy,complicated blablabla right now, even for the past few days.
Tomorrow will be the day I WORK.
Its not like I never work before, I know the feeling.. But the longest period i work was only 3 months.
Now this is for permanent, for few years..Woww~ Im gonna be busy.
After rusting for goddamn long at home, ya its time to get serious already :)
I believe i can adapt to working life soon.
Welcome to this society.
Of coz, still hope i could enjoy my life by having some entertainment even im working? Hope so!
Stay cool! phewww 



Li Ping =) said...

jiayou baby!! u can definitely have entertainment while working =PP jiayou jiayou!!!

llx said...

thankyouuuu <3

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