Sunday, November 25, 2012

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My November

Life has been hectic since November....
My November is filled with all the stress from work. :(
not really happy with too much tasks, cant handle them well.
just like i said, i bring work to home everyday, even weekend.
but this is what i chose, i am always this serious.
dont wanna talk about job sooo much, i just hope that my life will be easier, given that I must be more familiar and geng and do things veryyyyyyyy fast.

But all this while Im glad that I have him who always support me,
he's the closest one right now whom I can always speak out to..
wouldnt want to complain so much to my parents, dont want them to worry so much.
OT is very bad, but luckily after OT i still have some enjoying moment, going for movie/dinner to relax abit..
thank him for bringing me out for good meal which can really brighten out my day.
now i even appreciate the existence of food, like barbq. lol. or sushi zanmai. thankyou.
other than that, I joined my colleagues to play badminton, which was organized by the SportClub,
that was 4 years ago when I frequently play badminton.
found that its kind of a relief after playing badminton that day, but body super painful the next day lol.
should keep this as my weekly routine.

and in this november, the happiest thing is that I went back to jb during my birthday!!!!
I miss my home so much!!!!!!!!!!!
got to celebrate with my beloved mummy who i share the same birthday with :)
my babe let me drive all the way from kl to jb, such an accomplishment for me hohohoho
a big big thanks and love for sister who brought us to an Italian restaurant..
we rarely go for western food and its a really special one! :D
with my mummy, happy birthday to us. may our wishes come true :)
then the night before i went bk to kl, sister brought kon and I for dinner @riverthai, our favourite barbq+steamboat yumyumyummmmmm.
hoping to get back to home asap!!!

thankyou all the ones who wished me on my birthday, muchmuch loveeeeeeeee!
lovely mms from my ahmei-shyan!!!!
she's coming bk on January next year!!!!!!! 
come on i bet everyone miss her so much, cnt wait to meet her,
hope all of us can gather very soon :D
really hoping for this desperately bcs we never gather together as a group since we graduated from high sch? please make this happen.

the boy offered to cook me a fine lunch to celebrate my birthday :D
its the same spaghetti that i prepared for his birthday but he added two things!
the mashed potato and baked fish!
 I love to seeeee him cook! lengzai
though tmr is monday..
im telling myself,
no matter what,
you still have your loved ones.
they are my motivation, they are my strength to carry on.
and all these are Learning, precious experience.
i still get to enjoy my days :D


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